Getting To Know About The Token & It’s Numerous Use Cases

The Piggy Wallet Token or $PWT is a utility token meant for Piggy Wallet platform which will provide the holders a wide range of benefits and rewards. $PWT is a Cardano Native token deployed on the Cardano network.

PWT has a total supply of 500 MILLION, With $PWT, holders will be granted the ability to interact with our platform on the Cardano network, staking and collecting NFTs, Swapping, providing liquidity.

Token Name: PIGGY

Token Ticker: $PWT




Address: asset1agxxz6ndy2zcyjt8392afyl8j2k5w30xngu6e8

Piggy Token ($PWT) Utilities


Holding PWT confers voting and governance rights on the holders. They get the chance to proffer solutions to underlying issues and vote them into existence. Community members get to hold rights in decision-making and can update or remove existing protocols by holding $PWT.


The Piggy Wallet is a high-performance Cardano ecosystem platform that offers users versatile features. Users can Invest, make payments, and use decentralized applications with $PIGGY.

Medium of Exchange

$PWT can be exchanged for a corresponding amount of digital assets, Cardano stablecoins, Cardano tokens.

In-app purchases

$Piggy token holders can use all the features on the wallet and engage in app transactions.

How to get $PWT?

PIGGY token will first become available to early adopters through our seed and public sale phases before listing on exchanges and DEX, and we can for sure say we’re already feeling the amazing support from the community towards the project.

Visit our official website to start your journey with Piggy Wallet. Join the early adopters to participate in the Seed Sale to acquire your $PWT

The Next Step For Piggy Token?

The next step after our seed and public sale rounds are completed is to prepare for being listed on Exchanges.

To learn more about Piggy Wallet visit our Website and be sure to follow us on

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