A Smart Contract Wallet and Gateway to DApps Built On the Cardano Blockchain.

Imagine a world where you’re in fully in charge of your own online identity and assets, Imagine a system where voting and governance on the future state of the world can be done from the comfort of your mobile phone. Imagine a life you can practically do everything just with your mobile phone, Imagine a section where there are no illusions of what is going on, where the open community comes first.

Piggy Wallet is a smart crypto wallet that will allows users to interact with websites that integrates Cardano. For this project we are using z-k rollups to achieve the layer 2 scalability solution on Cardano to activate the project unique features. A zero-knowledge rollups that does not require two-way interaction between chain modules.

Piggy Wallet comes in a redefined UI/UX of the overall design. The wallet features all the basics of a self custodial crypto wallet with built in staking platform, NFTs market place, user interaction with web3.0, no paper backup and low fees. The wallet will be powered by the utility token $PWT.

Piggy Wallet Unique Features:

Seed Phrase Wallet Recovery without paper backup: This option will allow user to enjoy their wallet just like their mobile banking app with ease and avoiding the stress of having a complicated 16 letter words in a paper backup, this smart wallet will eliminate this drawback on Cardano wallet ecosystem.

Supports Cardano Name Service (CNS): a distributed, open, and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain that is used to generate human readable username E.g Piggy.ada

Daily withdrawal limit: This option provides a top notch security that allow users to still have access to their funds even when facing theft challenges, as users can set limit to disrupt theft transactions.

Piggy Stake: A Staking Validator for $ADA and $PWT holders to delegate and earn rewards. While staking $PWT, holders can vote on projects that will be selected for funding and improvements regarding staking rewards.

DApp Browsers: a specialized software that sustains new generation decentralized applications. Dapp browsers are considered to be the browsers of Web3 and this integration will allow users to explore Cardano applications in a most secured way.

Piggy Game: The team will add gaming in the future to bring new utility to Piggy, by creating some of the leading PC & mobile games. We aim to create our own games, as well as to work with the community to bring new community-developed games utilizing piggy token.

Piggy Wallet is here to create a healthy competition amongst other wallet in the Cardano Ecosystem as we join the race to become the best cryptocurrency wallet built on Cardano community and the world at large.
Join us on this wonderful journey as we have started developing a unique gateway to Cardano Applications and Community.

We’ll share more details in the coming weeks. In the meantime, follow us on

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