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2 min readApr 8, 2022


What Inspired PIGGY Wallet

The PIGGY Wallet Team has been doing a great job these last few months and it’s time to share more details as to why we are building a smart contract wallet.

Thought of a world, place, Community that is less centralized, where power belongs to the people, thus enabling one do everything under their control. We aim to achieve this dream by building PIGGY Wallet where users can explore the blockchain in an easy yet most secured way while being in control just from the comfort of their phone.

We want to take the best of the existing internet web2.0 the efficiency, user experience and global reach and merge it with the new models on decentralized applications that give people control of their data, assets and identity. We will equip the wallet with features that will solve the following security, build trust between users, developers and platforms, power to the people.

We are aware of how complicated the existing decentralized solutions has been, ranging from complex seed phrase, fear of lost or theft and so on. In the centralized world they have this in check but users are limited to their freedom, identity and prone to mass theft and lost, hence that is where PIGGY Wallet comes in, proving a decentralized finance app that functions like the centralized finance (bank) app but allows users to enjoy their freedom and stay in control of their assists and security. We are building a wallet that will
- Allow users access with just username without the stress of inputting complex seed phrase and no need for paper backup
- Users will enjoy transactions at a low or no fees
- Recovery option if you lose your private keys
- Option of Metadata

As we already explained from the Introduction medium post PIGGY Wallet is a non-custodial smart wallet and gateway to decentralized apps on Cardano Blockchain. PIGGY Wallet is completely decentralized.

PIGGY Wallet gives users control over the following:

Assets Security: Fully in-charge of your digital assets and can safely store or use at anytime
Trust : Allows user to be in control in the most secure interactions while exploring DApps and other features just from the comfort of their mobile phones
Identity: Users will stay in control of their Identity and Data while accessing DApps and can revoke it anytime they wish.

We’ll keep you all updated with the development of the project. In the meantime, follow us on

Telegram: https://t.me/piggy_wallet
Twitter: https://twitter.com/piggy_wallet
Medium Blog: https://piggywallet.medium.com/

We’re also hiring: partnership@piggywallet.io, support@piggywallet.io



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